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California State Board of Education's Content Standards - Available as text online or as adobe acrobat files


Testing- Annually, the students here at Vista La Mesa Academy must take the STAR test or CST. Standardized testing serves a variety of purposes.These tests are designed to evaluate how well students demonstrate mastery of the specified content and provides information about the academic knowledge and skills of the students tested. The power of standardized testing lies in the fact that students take the test under comparable conditions and that the tests are scored in a comparable manner. Therefore, the student scores can be compared either to each other or to the achievement of curricular objectives or standards. These are known as criterion-reference tests Criterion-referenced testing.

A criterion-referenced test is used to determine how well students have learned specific information they have been taught.

To assess specific curricular or instructional objectives, items need to be developed that are aligned to specific content and/or academic standards.

InCalifornia, the California Standards Tests (CSTs) are considered criterion-referenced tests. The California academic standards are the basis for these tests. Results are reported according to performance levels that show a student’s achievement of the standards. The standards can be accessed at the California Department of Education's Web site under the Curriculum and Instruction link.


Released test questions can be obtained at the California Department ofEducation's Website under the Testing & Accountability link for all grade levels.