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Journey Through the Renaissance

Simplified map of Marco's travels Christopher Columbus Conquistador Timeline Ancient History
Ancient Rome's Influence 5:05 Roman Inventions 4:00 Ancient Rome's Decline 6:11 The Decline of the Roman Empire 2:36 Division and Collapse of the Roman Empire 1:15
Inside Byzantium 6:29 Silk 1:08 Blast Furnaces, Steel, and Porcelain 4:17 Paper and Printing 5:16
Chinese Decline 1:14 Ming Dynasty 1:43 The Forbidden City 2:40 Forbidden City5:55
Buddhism - the Middle Way of Compassion 10:18 Ancient Warriors (samurai) 5:29 End of the Samurai Era 1:38 Japan, Samurai, and the Scared Sword 9:37 Secrets of the Samurai 25:11
Shogun leads Feudal Japanese Society 3:36 Calligraphy 2:04 Chinese picture writing 2:35 Kung Fu 3:53 Countries, Islands, Peninsulas
Geography of Europe Introduction to Europe Introduction to the Dark Ages Landforms of Europe Medieval Era Review
The Vikings

An Introduction to the Renaissance 1:16

Dawn of the Renaissance 3:04 Historical Background, Beginnings, and Art 14:39 Italian City States 1:13
Life during the European Renaissance 2:00 The Later Voyages of Christopher Columbus 2:14 The Early Voyages of Christopher Columbus 2:31 The World of Isaac Newton 3:26 The Importance of Christopher Columbus 1:13

Ancient History - Mesoamerica (06:23)

The Maya 6:00 Maya Jade: Precious Mineral 2:35 Mayan Religion and Society 4:45
The Aztecs 7:53 Aztec Empire: Life in Tenochtitlan 2:26 Michelangelo 7:54 Michelangelo 2 3:33 Michelangelo's Sculptures 5:12